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Come and join us for the adventures of a life-time – designed just for you! My highly trained and experienced team will make sure you have an amazing mountain biking adventure holiday in Morocco and bring home spectacular photos and memories…


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Mountain Biking Morocco

Morocco is a perfect destination for mountain biking, Mountain Bike holiday in Morocco are increasingly popular, and for good reason! Morocco offers you diverse and scenic mountain terrain, and an extensive network of trails. It’s ideal for an adventurous mountain bike tour. Plus, during your trip you will have opportunities for intensive interaction with the Berber culture.

We offer several mountain bike tours in the Atlas Mountains & Southern Morocco.

If you are looking for a great cycling destination, with stunning landscapes, rich culture and welcoming people, come to Morocco, bikers dream land! Our biking tours cover all Morocco from north, crossing the Middle & High Atlas to the Sahara Desert Deep South!
Morocco with his many faces from north to south, west to east, we will discover the wonderful naturel countrysides. It’s in a beautiful decor of exceptionnels reliefs that our trip will be done. high plateaux, beautiful valleys, berbers villages, genevriers forest, menthe tea served in local family.
This mountain bike cycle tour, using mainly jeep tracks and some fantastic single track, starts in the ancient walled city of Marrakech. A meeting place for traders over the centuries, its bustling with water sellers, snake charmers and market stalls packed with bargains.
We cycle through remote Berber villages clinging to the steep sides of the High Atlas mountains, explore the Berber villages and experience some of the fantastic long mountain biking descents offered by the region.A real experience of an ancient and fascinating country and culture!
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