Scott Genius eRide 920

The Genius eRIDE 920 is the pioneer of a new generation of e-bikes. Advanced design, high-quality technology and integration as well as advanced battery management set the standard, completely focuses on the driving experience. It is the best choice for drivers who don’t want to compromise even on demanding terrain.
For 2020, SCOTT have opted to build their Genius eRide around Bosch’s new Performance Line CX motor. This new configuration allows a battery capacity of up to 1125 Wh. Is the SCOTT Genius eRide 920 the perfect adventure bike and how does it perform on singletrack?
SCOTT Genius eRide 920


The Shimano BR-MT420 brakes and two-finger levers may offer good ergonomics and power for a touring bike. However, they’re completely inappropriate for an aggressive eMTB like the SCOTT Genius eRide.

Everyday practicality

There’s a mounting point for a stand on the chainstay and the frame comes pre-wired to install a set of lights.
Scott Genius eRIDE 920
SCOTT Genius eRide


SCOTT have specced 2.6” tires with Schwalbe’s Apex casing which is perfectly suited for the bike’s intended use regarding grip and puncture protection. Only very heavy or aggressive riders will need a more robust tire on the rear.