Atlas to Atlantic Coast Road bike tour 9 days: During these amazing seven days road biking tour you will discover the « three worlds »: the high Atlas with its deep valleys, the oases of the Anti-Atlas and the wild shores of the Atlantic!

This spectacular route follows smooth tarmac roads and climbs over high mountain passes that reward you with spectacular vistas of the High Atlas Mountains.

A real highlight is riding through Paradise Valley, close to Imouzzer, where a palm-filled valley leads to a high pass with views down to the ocean below.

After all the riding we will receive a warm welcome from a range of great hotels including a traditional riad.

A biking tour in Morocco is a human experience where you will immerse in an amazing culture and witness the legendary Moroccan hospitality.

cycle tour from the Moroccan High Atlas to the Atlantic Coast passing through the less visited parts of Morocco. Atlas to the Atlantic ride requires no previous cycling experience just an appetite for adventure, with great mix of panoramic views, some great hill sections and plenty of mint tea in local tea houses, it makes for a truly Moroccan experience not to be forgotten.